Friday, June 25, 2010

Keep Blogging?

So, I'm trying to decide if I should keep this blog up or not.

In person I seem like a very confident person, but I don't have the best self-confidence. I really care about what people think. I shouldn't. I know that. Stewart tells me all the time. I can't help it. Because I care so much, it's really hard for me to put things that I make up and out for everyone to see. I want everyone to like what I make, I know that isn't possible, but I still really want everyone to like it. The project I put on my blog swap was something that I thought up. I didn't know if there were others like it. I had seen a few different kinds, but I made it my own. I adapted it, and added to it. I made it something that I really can't do without. I use it everyday, and it makes my life easier. I was told by someone that I had copied it. That it wasn't original and that other people have the same thing.

It is likely that someone else has thought up something similar, and that they have made one. I didn't copy them. I'm sorry if I offended anyone with my carseat cover/nursing cover. I was just trying to make something to help benefit my family.

So the decision is up to you people... Should I keep the blog? Or not?


Chan! said...

Don't let stupid people hurt you. If someone said that they are just being dumb. You took different items that you use daily and made it into something that is more convenient that is a good thing and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Elizabeth said...

Don't let that person get to you- they were just being a jerk. Just because someone might have made one before or whatever doesn't mean you made it the same way as them. Poo on them and keep this going. I love your stuff- you're very talented!

AJ said...

Who said that? We'll have to take 'em out! I love your craft ideas!! If I wasn't adopting I would totally buy one of your nursing/carseat covers :-)

You are awesome, don't forget that!!

Brandy said...

Don't let people get to you, keep blogging!!!