Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We need your help!

So, I'm not the type of person to ask for help, especially like this... BUT... Extreme situations call for EXTREME measures!

This month has been crazy hectic for us. Here is a break down for you!

  • I have been having A LOT of stomach issues. I had a CT scan about a month ago, and they didn't find anything. Then about a week ago, I had an ultrasound, and everything looked fine. I am scheduled to have an Endoscopy next Thursday. Then, if that comes back fine, I go into my OB/GYN on the 2nd of Aug. for a pre-op appointment and have a Laproscopy for possible Endometriosis on Aug 4th.
  • My pain is so bad that I can't pick the kids up, I don't sleep, and I'm in terrible pain all of the time. I've lost A TON of weight too!
  • We took Hayden to his 2 Year Well Child Check, and they had to freeze some sores that were on his tummy and left arm off.
  • They sent us to an Orthopedic Dr because his right wrist dislocates really easily. We went there today, and he now has a cast on his arm, with his palm facing up, and his elbow bent at a 90 degree angle. He keeps that on for 3 weeks.
At least he likes it!

  • On Friday, we are taking him to Primary Children's Hospital to see if he needs surgery for a hernia he has on his tummy. It was supposed to go away on it's own, but since it hasn't yet, he might need surgery to fix it.
  • He weighs 31.5 lbs and is 35 1/2 inches tall!

  • He's doing fine. Starting to teeth, and won't sleep much, but he's at least HEALTHY!!!

  • His surgery didn't work.
  • He's not better.
  • He's not passing out as often, but he's out A LOT longer when he goes out now.
  • There is nothing else that the doctors here in Utah can do for him.
  • He is being sent to the Mayo Clinic is Minnesota.
  • They have doctor's that specialize in more specific things than we do here.
Now, we can choose to have Stewart live with all of this, or we can go to Minnesota and try ONE more time to get him fixed. The problems that we are facing are these:

  • Our insurance ends this month (most likely. We send the check every month and cross our fingers that it gets cashed!)
  • COBRA the insurance we can get after ours ends is more a month than we make.
  • The hospital is Out-Of-Network on our insurance anyway.
  • To fly out to the hospital, and stay there just a week, is over $1,500.
  • We'll have to come up with over $6,000 to just pay for one trip out there. If it takes more than one trip, it will cost more.
  • We don't have that kind of money, especially since Stewart only gets disability checks, and I am just starting work.

I'm not asking for hand-outs. I'm asking for ideas, or items donated, so we can hold a silent auction, and on-line auction, or something to raise money with. We have to come up with the money fast so that we can get out there.

I'm sorry to put all of this on here. I really hate to. I just don't know what else to do. I NEED my husband to get better! We really can't live like this.

Thank you for reading this, and for all of your support!

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