Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I kind of fell behind on keeping this blog up, didn't I? Huh, good sign for the future, since I totally just started it! I'm working on a diaper bag right now. I've really got to find a niche. You know? Like who am I trying to sell to? I'm thinking Mom's, hence the diaper bag and the house stuff... Any ideas on who needs stuff that's unique, but just doesn't have the time to make it?


Elizabeth said...

Gosh probably like everyone! I know I like stuff made for me but usually the cost of those things are way more than I can or am willing to pay. I love the idea of the diaper bag!

Wes and Dani said...

Yeah the 29th should be fine. :) Just let us know what time and where to go. :) My private email is by the way so we don't have to keep commenting on each other's blogs to communicate, lol.


Annj said...

How do I look at pictures of things you have made? Let me know I am excited to see your stuff.

Stewart and Ciera said...

Liz: I'm excited to get the diaper bag going! I'm hoping that I can make things at a price that people will feel ok about paying!

Dani: Thanks for the e-mail address! I was going to give you mine!

Annj: I haven't put pictures up yet. I need to, but I have to fix my camera first so that I don't lose all of my pictures! I'll let you know as soon as I get it fixed and post some pics!