Friday, March 11, 2011


I have been DYING to re-do my bedroom lately. Our walls are tan, and I would like to paint an accent wall light blue. I want to get a blue and tan bed set, and I'd just LOVE one of these flat panel TV Stands!
Isn't that just beautiful?! The really great thing about it is that it is a corner unit, (all of our TV outlets are in the corner of the room) the TV sits higher than the edge of the bed, and a super nice fireplace is built right in! It would be so romantic to watch a movie in the winter, snuggling in bed, with the fireplace on... All we'd need to add is a flat panel TV!

It'd be so nice to have our room become an oasis from the everyday hectic of life. Right now it's kind of in shambles. I think that if I had stuff that I just LOVED in there, I'd be more motivated to keep it all picked up. (At least that's what I'm telling Stewart to try and talk him into a new bedspread!) 

I'm pretty sure I could spend all day looking at the CSN Stores websites! And their newest one is awesome too!

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Leslie said...

LOVE this t.v. stand! I want one in my room just because of the fireplace!