Monday, April 26, 2010

Guest Posting!!!


Hello, everyone! Today I'm guest posting over at Crystal's Craft Spot! I'm so excited! I'm showing how to make THESE!!!

Go over there and find out something sweet that you'll head back over here for! I hope you like them!


Denise said...

Hi! Caught your tute over on Crystal's Craft Spot! Very CUTE:) My lil' Goose just turned 3 and would look absolutely adorable in a pair of your shoes!! Is the size 6 you mentioned in the toddler/baby sizing or in the children's sizing? In the toddlers sizing she's a 10&1/2. I think that might be a 1 in the children's sizing but we haven't tried the bigger kids shoes yet! OHH the grow TOO quickly:(
Thanks for the giveaway. Have a peace filled week!

Denise said...

P.S. I'm a new follower too:)

Mandy said...

is this where we get to enter the giveaway?? cute cute shoes - I'm addicted to baby shoes!!


Kim said...

I do love the shoes. How comfy for the summer!! Thanks for your tutorial on Crystals Craft Spot. Glad I found you and am looking forward to your future projects.

Anndrea said...

Ciera I LOVE them! They are perfect! You did such a great job I am so excited for Keisha to see them. You Rock!

njrniel4 said...

I want to win shoes for my baby!!!! They're so cute!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

I found you over at crystal's craft spot. I have actually made the baby shoes you show in some previous posts but these little ones I haven't seen and I Love them. I will take a pair just like these, in boy form, as I have a little 6 month old that would love to sport these this summer! He is a size 2 in baby shoes!

p.s. I became a follower!

mptanner said...

Found you from Crystal craft spot, super cute shoes!!

oakley klotz said...

Hi my name is Oakley Klotz i am friends with you on Facebook!!

I came across your post visited the link and fell in love with the little shoes!

My son (Jaxon) just turned 10 months! I absolutely love love love the little shoes and would enjoy winning a one of a kind pair!

I hope my little bug and i are in the running!

Thank You!!!