Saturday, March 13, 2010

How To Make An Easter Egg Wreath

My husband was so excited about the way our last wreath turned out, that he decided to make an Easter Egg shaped one. We did this one a little differently though.

You'll need about 3 feet of wire, the same amount of pipe insulator, and some electrical tape. You'll also need about 3 spools of ribbon. I used double sided ribbon, so that I only needed 3, but it was really like 6 colors. You'll also need a glue gun with plenty of glue! Sorry I don't have a picture of the things you need, but I'm sure you understand everything so far!

Bend your wire into the shape of an egg, and tape the ends together so that it stays that shape.

Next, wrap your pipe insulator around the wire, and tape around the whole thing.

This is where I did something different. Instead of tying material around the wire, I used the ribbon. I hot glued the top corner of one side, pulled it tight across the egg and hot glued the other top corner. Then after it had dried, I pulled it tight and glued the bottom two corners. I started at the top of the egg and worked my way down.

When I was done, I used some of the extra ribbon to hide the sides where my ribbon was glued. I cut the ribbon in half and put the nice side towards the front so that it looks nicer. If you don't want to do this, just wrap your ribbon farther around the egg. That way, you'll just see the ribbon going down the side, instead of black. I cut a few of my strips to short, that's why I had to do this.

I had some trouble keeping the egg shape, so after I had wrapped my ribbon all around the edges and everything, we took an old wire hanger and cut it into strips to keep the ribbon tight and keep the egg shape.

And there ya go! Not near as time consuming as the clover, but still really cute!


Anndrea said...

That looks so awesome you did such a great job!

Jess @ Just a Blink said...

It's nice to see a unique idea!
Your egg is very festive and bright.
Polka-dots *swoon*

LuckyStarErin said...

I love this variation of the clover style. The fabrics are so cute. I need to hit Lowe's today and get some wire and pipe insulator. I want to make one for my husband in a Spartan "S".

Wes and Dani said...

Way cute!!! What a cool idea! I might try this...

Thea said...

Cute! That's so great that your husband helps you do crafty things.